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Unforeseen Azure Defender for IoT costs, pricing explained

Recently I was confronted with the fact that a subscription with a spending limit was suddenly turned off by exceeding the budget. Because I did not know what caused this, I immediately delved into the cost analysis. Where I found … Read More

Get insight into your Azure RBAC role assignments

Recently several attacks have been in the news. As a result of this, I received various questions from people with regards to role assignments in their Azure environment: Who exactly has which rights within my Azure environment?At which level are … Read More

How Azure Managed Identity works explained. A special type of Enterprise Application.

“A special type of Enterprise Application” you may ask. Aren’t we talking about Azure Managed Identities here? You are absolutely right! And yet, we cannot avoid talking about Enterprise Applications. I will explain below how this works. If you are … Read More

Default AzureAD Enterprise Applications explained, where do they come from?

Last week I posted an article (The difference between AzureAD App Registrations and Enterprise Applications explained) to which I received many responses. For many people, the difference between App Registrations and Enterprise Applications has become a lot clearer. I am … Read More

The difference between AzureAD App Registrations and Enterprise Applications explained

The lack of clarity regarding app registrations and enterprise applications is regularly discussed. Both terms are used interchangeably by people and to make it even more unclear, different terminology is used within the Azure portal and for example PowerShell or … Read More

Monitor resource management operations and run advanced security analytics to improve resiliency against attacks with the new cloud-native threat protection capabilities of Azure Defender for Resource Manager

Azure Defender provides security alerts and advanced threat protection for all kinds of workloads, like virtual machines, SQL databases, containers and web applications. New plans within Azure Defender are regularly introduced, recently for Key Vault and now also for Resource … Read More

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